Washing Your Geoff Anderson underwear

Our underwear is produced from the finest merino wool and durable synthetic materials.

Our underwear is much more robust than before. But it is best to wash it carefully because of merino wool content - wool fibres can be damaged and lose their functional properties if You are not following washing instructions.

Thanks to wool's naturally odour resisting properties Geoff Anderson underwear is odour free - that is why we recommend to wash it only when it is really necessary.

It is best to hang underwear to dry in fresh air. And it is really good to hang Your underwear out in frost weather because it will reduce bacteria amount - or as an alternative You can put it in a plastic bag and place it in a freezer.

Less washing reduces the wearing of Your underwear and helps to reduce Your environmental impact.

We recommend following steps, when washing is necessary:

  1. Machine wash on gentle cycle in <30º warm water.
  2. Use mild soap; no bleach or fabric softener. We recommend Grangers Merino Wash.
  3. We recommend hanging Your underwear to dry, because the time to dry is very short and it prevents extra wearing. If you prefer a tumble dryer, tumble dry on a low heat. Avoid drying in direct sunlight to protect merino fibres.
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