Cuidado e impregnación de ropa impermeable

We are sure that our products are very durable and have a long life - and guaranteed waterproof.

We also do know that dirt, salt and common detergents are affecting clothing durability and waterproofness. When it happens it reduces clothing  breathability and performance - and it can feel wet and heavy. That is why the correct care of clothing is very important.

Proper and careful care ensures the water repelling effect and an optimal functioning of the membrane, also a lifetime of the product is extended - good for Your wallet and environment.

Daily care

  • Rinse with fresh water after using the product in contact with salt water
  • Wipe off mud, blood and fish slime with a cloth and rinse with fresh water
  • If there are brown or white “deposits/stains” and/or smell, than you should wash it in a washing machine
  • Hang clothing to dry in a warm place

Clothing storage in humid or cold places can result in rottennes/mold and shorten the length of clothing life dramatically. The signs of rottenness/mold are black stains and a characteristic smell of a “humid basement”. 


  • Wash the product on the wool or gentle washing setting. Max 30°C
  • Use only mild, not compact detergent. We recommend Grangers Performance Wash
  • Wash your product with inside out
  • Clothe all zippers and velcro parts
  • Use washing bag for better protection of your product

NOTE: Do not use softener or “Wash-in-products”. “Wash-in-products” have a solvent, which can impact the membrane after some time of washing with a softener, because it can solve a membrane after some time of using it. The other thing is, that such a product impregnates your clothing  not only on the surface but also lining  and it is decreasing the sweat transporting effect of Your clothing.

Impregnate always Your product after washing. Use a waterproofing spray on Your still wet clothing  after washing. We recommend using Grangers Performance Repel Plus Spray.

It is important to remember impregnating of Your clothing after 4-5 fishing trips in heavy or longtime rain.

It is a good idea to impregnate twice on special exposed places like shoulders and knees.
We recommend also to impregnate Your new clothing before using. It ensures a  saturated surface of the  product, which means extended lifetime. Your product must NOT be washed or be wet before impregnation in these case.

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