Designed for saltwater

The WS-jacket is a wading jacket for coastal fishing without a compromise concerning water proofness and durability. As one of the few jackets on the market, the WS-jacket is designed and developed for coastal fishing in salt water in our latitude degrees - an environment with special needs regarding your fishing jacket.

The WS-jackets you see nowadays are refined and improved during the last decades. And precisely the development of the same product in so many years is the reason that the quality is exceptional . All loose parts and materials/fabrics are naturally 100% salt water proof - it means that a wading jacket is a must by coast fishing.

The WS-jacket is one of our first products. Its roots can be found back to 1998. At this time, there were really no waterproof wading jackets existing - and no of them could be used in salt water. We wanted to change this.

During a few years our wading jacket became a first choice of many coastal fishers in Denmark and our close neighbor countries. And thanks to their input in all these years , we could develop  WS-jacket, so that it can be seen as an institution in Danish coast fishing.

Our WS-jacket, developed for coastal fishing, can be used for some other activities. Thanks to high wear resistance and high reliability it is a good choice for other fishers - for example for anglers fishing at water courses.