Wim Russchen

Name: Wim Russchen
Age: 50
Country: The Netherlands

Water: Great lakes, moors, polders,  river systems and canals from the boat and bank

Give a short introduction to yourself

Teacher at the Sport fishery and Nature School in Zwolle,The Netherlands (www.Zonecollege.nl) Lure fishing is my greatest speciality.  I’ll fish from the age of 5 years. I grew up at a canal system.  I learned fishing  from my father. Fishing for pike I like most. Casting with jerkbaits, shads and other lures and then the bite of the pike! Wow!!!! In Summer I’ll go very often to the river. Trolling and casting for zander, perch, pike and asp. In winter I’ll fish a lot in the moor. You catch often decent an nice coloured pike. The moor is great place to be for nature and fishery. Canals and polders  I’ll fish from the bank. Sometimes with a boat. I write for different angling websites www.roofmeister.nl en www.roofvisweb.nl  and some pike angling magazines www.deroofvis.nl en www.snoekerijen.nl

What qualities must your fishing clothes have?
The clothes for fishing is very important for me. I am always casting for fish. The clothes for my fishery must be comfortable, windproof, breathable and 100 % water resistant. You wear the clothes many hours a day.  The clothing must be easy to use and give a good comfort. The clothing of Geoff Anderson is made for my fishery. Active pike angling.

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